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一个女教师的自述Two and a half years after a mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, left 17 people dead, Manny Oliver—father of Joaquin Oliver, who was murdered that day—continues to push for a more peaceful future. His latest effort, a collaboration with MullenLowe U.S., centers on one of his son’s great loves—baseball. Father…

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Technology, Transparency And A Burj Khalifa Light Show

一个女教师的自述MullenLowe MENA’s CEO and CCO Mounir Harfouche on what has been driving business forward during the past few months Tourism is a huge part of the economies for many countries in the Middle East – it contributes 12.1% to the GDP of the United Arab Emirates. So, it’s no surprise that the Covid-19 outbreak has had…

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Jade Watts Named To Campaign US’ 40 Over 40

一个女教师的自述Campaign US’ 40 Over 40 Awards returns for a fourth year to celebrate the most talented and accomplished individuals transforming adland and we’re thrilled to share that this year Mediahub’s Jade Watts has been named to the list! The Campaign US 40 Over 40 Awards honour executives for their noteworthy contributions across advertising, marketing, media, technology…

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Usernames Against Bullying

Pony Malta, one of the leading beverages among teens in Colombia, and MullenLowe SSP3 have launched USERNAMES AGAINST BULLYING, a movement that aims to combat bullying in video games. The campaign launched in LATAM on Saturday 29th August with prominent gamers across all of Latin America and now, Pony Malta and MullenLowe SSP3 are inviting…

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Hands. Face. Space.

一个女教师的自述The Department of Health and Social Care has released its “Hands. Face. Space” TV ad campaign as it battles against a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak. The work, created by MullenLowe London, was released last night (9 September) at 8pm following the Prime Minister’s announcement that, from 14 September, people in England cannot meet…

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Globetrotting Creative Duo Lands At MullenLowe LA

一个女教师的自述Creative teams—especially duos—are fun to watch. From university days to first placements—then on to bigger agencies and brands—the portfolios tell a chronological and evolutionary story. Some creative pairs have been together for a long time, and MullenLowe LA snapped up the team of Laura Sampedro and Carlos Alija as executive creative directors at the agency….

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D&AD Black Pencil Of The Decade!

We’re delighted to share that MullenLowe SSP3 has received the D&AD Advertising Black Pencil of the Decade for their 2012 ‘Rivers of Light’ campaign for the Colombian Ministry of Defense! MullenLowe SSP3 was given the brief to encourage FARC members – the oldest and largest left-wing guerrilla group operating in Colombia – to give up their…

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Meet The Winners Of The 2020 MullenLowe NOVA Awards

一个女教师的自述We’re delighted announce the winners for the 2020 MullenLowe NOVA Awards, created in exclusive partnership with leading art, design and performance college, Central Saint Martins. 2020 MullenLowe NOVA Award Winner: Sandra Poulson, BA Fashion Print, ‘An Angolan Archive’ ‘An Angolan Archive’ is an assemblage of around 200 pieces of information in the form of written…

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Lows, ‘Whys’ And Emotional Divides

Fran Griffin, Senior Strategist at MullenLowe Group UK discusses why having an opinion and standing for something as a brand is much better than keeping quiet. It has been a year defined so far by crisis and inescapable bad news. Whilst we wish away the days until we enter 2021 (it will be better; it…

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MullenLowe Group UK Joins AdGreen

The Climate Action Working Group, established by the Advertising Association (AA) in partnership with ISBA and the IPA, has launched a new industry standard for climate-friendly advertising production in the UK. According to the AA, AdGreen launches with two aims: to measure advertising production carbon footprints and determine which activities have the most negative environmental…

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We Are Nurses Wins Campaign Media Award

Congratulations to Mediahub UK who received the ‘CRM & Media Award’ at the recent Campaign Media Awards for their work on the NHS ‘We Are Nurses’ campaign! With the NHS facing a 40,000+ nursing vacancy crisis, the NHS needed to convince an audience they hadn’t spoken to before; lapsed nurses, to return to practice. Qualitative…

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Bringing Environmentalism To ‘Dirt Is Good’

Unilever’s vice-president of marketing for home care, Tati Lindenberg, explains why the flagship detergent brand is evolving its ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign as part of a strategy designed to tout the FMCG behemoth’s environmental credentials. At 12 years old, Unilever’s ‘Dirt is Good’ platform is a rarity in modern marketing: a campaign with real endurance…

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